Plasmonic Nanogaps and Circuits

Date :From 2015-10-12 To 2015-10-30
Advisory committee :Javier Aizpurua, Naomi Halas, Mikael Kall, Martin Moskovits, Peter Nordlander, Yukihiro Ozaki, Q-Han Park, Zhongqun Tian
Local coordinators :Hong Wei, Lianming Tong, Shunping Zhang, Songyuan Ding
International coordinators :Hongxing Xu, Zhenyu Zhang, Jwa-Min Nam, Zhongcan Ouyang


Plasmonics is an active field that is concerned with the manipulation of light and light-matter interactions at the nanometer scale. Its physical basis is the excitation of surface plasmons in metal nanostructures. Based on localized and propagating surface plasmons, metal nanostructures show may fantastic properties, which make plasmonics have important potential applications in many fields, such as information technology, biological/chemical sensing, medical therapy, renewable energy, super-resolution imaging, etc.
The major purpose of this program is to show the cutting-edge progresses, to exchange great minds and most importantly, to brew cooperations between participants. All the participants are highly elected all over the world by their closely-related and high-quality researches.
nanogap plasmons, SERS/TERS, antennas, nonlinear effects, quantum plasmons, chemical catalysis, optical force, waveguiding, plasmonic nanophotonic devices, plasmonic circuits, quantum circuits, plasmonic biosensor and bioimaging, plasmonic thermal effect, plasmonic materials and devices for energy, etc.
Application and registration:
All the invited participants need register through the “Apply/Register” button on the left of this page. Apart from the invited participants, a few openings are available for free application. If you are interested in applying, please send a short biography to the program secretary Ms. Ci ZOU:
Program Secretary: Ms. Ci ZOU,
KITPC Management Office: Dr. Ci ZHUANG,