Welcome Speech by Zhan Wen-long at IAC meeting of ITP/KITPC

Welcome Speech
by Zhan Wen-long, Vice President of CAS
The 1st meeting of the 2nd International Advisory Committee ITP/KITPC
Jun 4, 2011, Beijing

Dear Mr. Zhou Guang-Zhao, Prof. David Gross, distinguished guests,

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the first meeting of the second International Advisory Committee (IAC) of the Institute of Theoretical Physics (ITP), Chinese Academy of Sciences. I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks and covey President Bai Chun-Li’s sincere thanks to Prof. David Gross for his continuously serving as the chairman of IAC, and we’re very grateful to all the IAC members and representatives of the Ministry of Science and Technology(MOST) for taking the time off from your busy schedule come to this meeting, to provide your valuable advices and suggestions regarding the developments of ITP.

During the first term of the IAC since 2005, the IAC meeting was hold almost every year to discuss the main research progress of ITP, which also provided us a precious chance to have your important and precious recommendations on the fundamental research directions in the world scale and in China, and to explore how to promote interdisciplinary research and how to strengthen the international cooperation and communication, etc. In the past six years, under your great support and help, ITP has developed very rapidly. For example, the Kavli Institute for Theoretical China (KITPC) has become an international exchange platform of ITP since its establishment on Jun 18, 2006; The Key Laboratory of frontiers in theoretical physics at the Chinese Academy of Sciences was established in 2008 and was rated as an excellent laboratory in 2009. Early in this year, the State Key Laboratory of Frontiers in Theoretical Physics (SKL-FTP) was officially approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST). Remarkably, the KITPC has gained a good international reputation and attracted many top scientists including the Nobel Prize laureates and Fields medalists to attend the research programs; the influence of KITPC is promoted step by step. This year is the 5th year anniversary of KITPC; let’s congratulate them on their achievements!

The CAS greatly cares and concerns about the developments of ITP. Since its establishment in 1978, ITP majoring in theoretical physics research has always been targeting establishment of a world-class “Center for Theoretical Physics”. In 1985, the Institute of Theoretical Physics became one of the first research institutes of CAS open to domestic and foreign public. In 1998, it was listed as one of the first twelve experimental units for Knowledge Innovation Project of CAS. In 2004, it had been selected as one of the four international on-site assessment institutes of CAS, and also approved as a fellowship scholar training base for CAS and the Third World Academies of Sciences. Since 2006, CAS provides 4 million RMB matching support annually to KITPC for program running and will continue to support KITPC’s activities.

Today, by the invitation of President Bai, the 2nd International Advisory Committee of ITP is set up; we have the opportunity to meet here together to discuss the next 5-10 years’ further developments of ITP/KITPC, to have your further helpful advices and suggestions on ITP, such as how KITPC plays more important roles for theoretical physics research in China and basic research sciences worldwide. Therefore, I urge you to share with us your knowledge and expertise through your discussions at the IAC meeting.
I wish you a most fruitful meeting of interesting and stimulating discussions and a pleasant stay in Beijing! Thank you!