Non-Equilibrium Phenomena, Spin Glasses, and Algorithms Beijing Satellite Meeting of STATPHYS 25

Date :From 2013-07-01 To 2013-07-05
Advisory committee :
Local coordinators :
International coordinators :

July 1-5, 2013, Beijing 


    Complex systems and non-equilibrium phenomena are very active subfields of statistical physics research. This workshop will serve as a meeting point for researchers working on non-equilibrium physics (fluctuation relations, glassy dynamics and jamming, ...) and spin glasses and algorithms (message-passing procedures, inference, stochastic search processes, advanced numerical methods, ...). It also aims at stimulating communications and exchanges between Chinese statistical physics workers and international experts. This workshop is closely related to two research programs of KITPC of 2013: (a) KITPC program on "Advanced Molecular Simulation Methods in the Physical Sciences" (June 10-July 5); (b) KITPC program on "Small System Non-Equilibrium Fluctuations, Dynamics and Stochastics, and Anomalous Behavior" (July 1-26).  
  • Fluctuation Relations and Applications
  • New Numerical Simulation Methods
  • Anomalous Transport Phenomena
  • Spin Glasses and Message-Passing Algorithms
Fei Liu: Co-Chair, Beihang University
Lamberto Rondoni: Turin Polytechnical University
Leihan Tang: Beijing Computational Science Research Center
Yanting Wang: Co-Chair, Institute of Theoretical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Haijun Zhou: Institute of Theoretical Physics, Chinese Academy of Science
Jingdong Bao (Beijing Normal University)
Christoph Dellago (University of Vienna)
Denis Evans (Australian National University)
Yiqin Gao (Peking University)
Hao Ge (Peking University)
Andrea Puglisi (Universita di Roma La Sapienza)
Hong Qian (University of Washington)
Yuhai Tu (IBM Research Center
Zhanchun Tu (Beijing Normal University)
Ruhong Zhou (IBM Watson Research Center)
Xin Zhou (University of CAS)
  • State Key Laboratory for Theoretical Physics, Institute of Theoretical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • National Science Foundation of China (NSFC)


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