Collective Dynamics in Information Systems

Date :From 2014-10-08 To 2014-10-31
Advisory committee :
Local coordinators :
International coordinators :Erik Aurell, Mikko Alava, Hai-Jun Zhou
This is a research program at the interface between statistical physics, computer science and
information theory. It is a continuation of two previous KITPC programs, the first one being the
"Collective Dynamics in Information Systems" program of 01.03--15.04.2008, the second one
 being the "Interdisciplinary Application of Statistical Physics and Complex Networks" program
of 28.02--01.04.2011.

This program will build on the experience we gained from running the previous two programs. It
contains a kick-off workshop of two days at the beginning, many discussions, seminars, and
collaborations during the main part of the program, and a one-day workshop at the end
summarizing the progresses made during the program.

The main topics of this research programs are:

(1) Finite-dimensional spin glasses and graphical models: message passing approach, numerical
simulations, renormalization group approach, etc.

(2) statistical physics approaches to inference and learning: inverse Ising model, network
reconstruction, compressed sensing, etc.

(3) statistical physics approaches to combinatorial optimization and constraint satisfaction problems.