Collective Dynamics in Information Systems

Wednesday Oct.08 2014
Room:6620   Chairperson:
10:30Opening of Program
Thursday Oct.09 2014
Room:6620   Chairperson:
15:30Xujin ChenSchedules for Marketing Products with Negative Externalities
Friday Oct.10 2014
Room:6620   Chairperson:
09:30Osamu WatanabeThe Strong Exponential Time Hypothesis and the Structure of the Solution Space of CNF-SAT Problems
11:00Takeshi KoshibaThe power of the Tri-sum-and Function
Monday Oct.13 2014
Room:6620   Chairperson:Erik Aurell
09:00Yoshiyuki KabashimaCompressed Sensing Using Random Orthogonal Matrices
09:30Jun-ichi InoueDynamics of Compressive Sensing at Zero Temperature
10:00Chen ZengComplexity of Boolean Network Inference
Room:6620   Chairperson:Yoshiyuki Kabashima
11:00Yue-heng LanStochastic Thermodynamics of a Rotating?Brownian?Particle in a Gradient Flow
11:30Hai-Ping HuangThe structure of Attractors in Asymmetric Random Neural Networks with Deterministic Dynamics
12:00Ryuhei MoriLeakage Resilience of Goldreich’s Pseudorandom Generator against the Basic Linear Programming
Room:6620   Chairperson:Jun-ichi Inoue
14:30Tian LiuRandom Instances and Their Structures
15:00Pan ZhangSpectral Redemption in Clustering Sparse Networks
15:30Xiao-quan YuLocalization of Disordered Bosons and Magnets in Random Fields
Room:6620   Chairperson:Chen Zeng
16:30Yang-Yu LiuProspect Theory for Online Financial Trading
17:00Erik AurellThe max-entropy fallacy
17:30Hai-Jun ZhouNetwork Observation Problem and Minimum Dominating Sets
Room:6620   Chairperson:
18:00Poster Session
Wednesday Oct.15 2014
Room:6620   Chairperson:
09:30Ruediger UrbankeSpatial Coupling: Metastability, Nucleation, and Threshold Saturation
11:00Yue M. LuThe Random Energy Model and Detecting Hidden Dynamics in Spatiotemporal Data
Friday Oct.17 2014
Room:6620   Chairperson:
09:30Ying-Ying XuBayesian signal reconstruction for 1 bit Compressed Sensing
11:00Yi-Fan SunProbabilistic reconstruction and optimal matrix design in compressed sensing
Monday Oct.20 2014
Room:6620   Chairperson:
10:30Manfred OpperAn Extension of Plefka’s Expansion for State Inference in Stochastic Dynamical Systems
Wednesday Oct.22 2014
Room:6620   Chairperson:
09:30Gino Del FerraroA Closure of Dynamic Message-Passing Equation for General Kinetic Spin Models on a Sparse Graph
11:00Dong-Ping YangCost-Efficient Dynamical Modes in Local Neuronal Networks with Instantaneous Excitatory-Inhibitory Balance
Friday Oct.24 2014
Room:6620   Chairperson:
09:30Yang-Yu LiuConstructing Minimal Models for Complex System Dynamics
11:00Michael ChertkovBelief-Propagation for matchings
Monday Oct.27 2014
Room:6620   Chairperson:
09:30Ayaa SakataSample Complexity and Belief Propagation Algorithm in Dictionary Learning
11:00Michael ChertkovComplex Energy Networks
Tuesday Oct.28 2014
Room:6620   Chairperson:
09:30Jie ZhouDeep Learning and Large Scale Machine Learning in Industry: An Introduction
11:00Tomoyuki ObuchiProperties of probability distributions constrained by observables:?Implication to maximum entropy modeling
Wednesday Oct.29 2014
Room:6620   Chairperson:
09:30Nicolas MacrisNew Bounds for Random Constraint Satisfaction Problems via Spatial Coupling
10:45Chuang Wang?Topological Invariant Tensor Renormalization Group Method for Edwards-Anderson Spin Glasses Model
11:45Guang-Yan ZhouOn the Lower Bounds of Random Max 3 and 4-SAT
Thursday Oct.30 2014
Room:6620   Chairperson:
09:30Li-Ping ChiEvolution and Time Correlation of Temporal Networks
11:40Wei LiReinforcement learning in complementarity game and population dynamics