Holographic duality for condensed matter physics

Date :From 2015-07-06 To 2015-07-31
Advisory committee :
Local coordinators :Rong-Gen Cai, Bin Chen, Yi Ling, Jianxin Lu, Ya-Wen Sun(contact person), Bin Wang
International coordinators :Johanna Erdmenger (Max Planck), Sean Hartnoll (Stanford), Hong Liu (MIT), Subir Sachdev (Harvard), Koenraad Schalm(Leiden), Zeng-Yu Weng (Tsinghua), Jan Zaanen (Leiden)

Gauge/gravity duality has opened a new and remarkable \holographic" window on strongly coupled systems. Ambitiously, its dual description of the strongly coupled physics in terms of classical weakly coupled gravity, is believed to be able to explain some of the baing experimental observations in strongly coupled condensed matter systems and quantum critical phenomena in particular. This subject, known as AdS/CMT, is still very fresh. The rst contact was established in 2007 by Sachdev, Son, et al. on holographic quantum critical states and amazing discoveries followed in a rapid succession, holographically realizing superconductivity, (non-)Fermi liquid, quantum Hall physics, quantum phase transition, lattice system, stripes, entanglement entropy and so on. The state of the art of AdS/CMT should be emphasized: it is suggestive but not decisive.

During the past few years, several programs on related topics of \AdS/CMT" have been conducted in KITP at UCSB, Issac Newton Institute at Cambridge University, and other institutes around the world and much signi cant progress was made during each program.
Despite these amazing developments, the central question of this eld remains open: can we formulate holographic answers for real condensed matter questions? How to arrive at smoking gun predictions from holography, impacting in the experimental condensed matter community?

This area is still in a rapid ux, and the new concepts that are needed are perhaps hanging in the air. The further development of AdS/CMT depends critically on the ongoing cross fertilization between the string theory and condensed matter communities.The main aim of this four-week program is to bring together string theorists and condensed matter theory experts to further explore the power of gauge/gravity duality. There will be typically two talks a day with plenty of opportunity for discussion and collaboration. There will be also one intense week for a mini-workshop aiming to bring together the world leading experts of this eld.

The intense week of this program will be the second week, i.e. July 13th to 17th, 2015.