Quantum Computing with Electron Spin Qubits

Monday Jul.07 2014
Room:6620   Chairperson:Xuedong Hu
09:50Bingsong ZouWelcome speech
10:00Joerg WrachtrupNV Centers, Past, Present, and Future
Room:6620   Chairperson:TBA
14:00open discussionsopen discussions on NV qubits
Tuesday Jul.08 2014
Room:6620   Chairperson:Belita Koiller
10:00Andrea MorelloSi:P donor spin qubit, an experimental perspective
Room:6620   Chairperson:Andrea Morello
14:00Belita KoillerSingle donors in Si - theoretical considerations on D(0) and D(-) charge states
14:55Maria CalderonAn Exchange-Coupled Donor Molecule in Silicon
Room:6620   Chairperson:TBA
15:40open discussionsopen discussions on donor qubits
Wednesday Jul.09 2014
Room:6620   Chairperson:Sue Coppersmith
10:00Mark ErikssonSi QD spin qubit, and experimental perspective
Room:6620   Chairperson:TBA
14:00open discussionsopen discussions on Si QD spin qubits
Thursday Jul.10 2014
Room:6620   Chairperson:Robert Joynt
10:00Jianqiang YouSpin-orbit qubit in nanowires
11:00Hongqi XuSignature of Majorana fermions in topological superconducting nanowires
Room:6620   Chairperson:TBA
11:10open discussionsopen discussions on spin-orbit interaction
Room:6620   Chairperson:Xiaosong Chen
15:00Sankar Das SarmaFrontier of Physics Lecture on Majorana fermions
Friday Jul.11 2014
Room:6620   Chairperson:Yuxi Liu
10:00Nan Zhaorare earth spin qubit
11:10Alex HamiltonQuantum confined holes --- Toward hole spin qubits
Monday Jul.14 2014
Room:6620   Chairperson:Jason Kestner
10:00Luke CywinskiQubit as a spectrometer of environmental noise
11:10Ed Barnessolving central spin problem with HF interaction
Room:6620   Chairperson:
14:00open discussions
Tuesday Jul.15 2014
Room:6620   Chairperson:Wenxian Zhang
10:00Jun Jingdecoherence of a driven qubit
11:10Xi ChenOptimzation of shortcuts to adiabaticity
Room:6620   Chairperson:
14:00open discussions
Wednesday Jul.16 2014
Room:6620   Chairperson:Luke Cywinski
10:00Xin WangComposite pulses for robust single-qubit gates
11:10Jason KestnerTwo-qubit composite pulse sequences
Room:6620   Chairperson:
14:00open discussions
Thursday Jul.17 2014
Room:6620   Chairperson:Bill Coish
10:00Wenxian ZhangInhomogeneous dynamic nuclear polarization in a quantum dot
Room:6620   Chairperson:
14:00open discussions
Friday Jul.18 2014
Room:6620   Chairperson:
Monday Jul.21 2014
Room:6620   Chairperson:Mark Friesen
10:00Andras PalyiNonlinear effects in electrically driven spin resonance
Room:6620   Chairperson:
14:00open discussions
Tuesday Jul.22 2014
Room:6620   Chairperson:Andras Palyi
10:00Wen YangQuantum?theory of dynamic nuclear spin polarization and narrowing??and application to diamond N-V center
11:10Bill CoishHole spin qubits: Hyperfine coupling and anisotropic decoherence
Room:6620   Chairperson:
14:00open discussions
Wednesday Jul.23 2014
Room:6620   Chairperson:Eddie Barnes
10:00Guido BurkardCavity-mediated coupling between NV spin qubits in diamond”
11:10Guido BurkardQC with spin-valley qubits
Room:6620   Chairperson:
14:00open discussions
Thursday Jul.24 2014
Room:6620   Chairperson:Xin Wang
10:00Stefano ChesiSingle-spin manipulation in a double quantum dot with micromagnet
Room:6620   Chairperson:
14:00open discussions
Friday Jul.25 2014
Room:6620   Chairperson:Guido Burkard
10:00Bob JoyntDecoherence by the evanescent wave Johnson noise