The Next Detectors for Gravitational Wave Astronomy

Monday Apr.06 2015
Room:6620   Chairperson:
09:00NoneRegistration, welcome, information and social
Tuesday Apr.07 2015
Room:6620   Chairperson:
09:00Executive vice Director of KITPCWelcome message
09:10David ReitzeOpening lecture: Advanced LIGO and the Dawn of Gravitational Astronomy
11:00NoneAustralia-China Collaboration in Gravitational Astronomy: special meeting.
13:30Linqing WenKeynote lecture: Detection of gravitational waves by pulsar timing
14:30David BlairWorkshop: The GW Spectrum
15:30Wei-Tou NiGravitational Waves: Spectrum Classification
Wednesday Apr.08 2015
Room:6620   Chairperson:
09:00Fan ZhangLecture: Force-free electrodynamics and multimessenger astronomy
09:50Yue-Liang WuOpening Speech
10:00Xilong Fangravitational wave spectrum
13:30Emil SchreiberKeynote lecture: GEO600: an advanced technology detector
14:30Cristiano PalombaWorkshop: Searching for Continuous Gravitational waves
Thursday Apr.09 2015
Room:6620   Chairperson:
09:00Stefano VitaleKeynote lecture: The LISA Pathfinder Mission and eLISA
10:00Michel BoerKeynote lecture: Multimessenger astronomy for probing the gravitational universe
13:30Hyung Mok LeeWorkshop: Black Hole Binaries
15:00Weimin YuanKeynote lecture: China's future wide-field X-ray mission candidates in the era of multi-messenger astronomy
16:00Carlo Baccigalupi (remote)Keynote lecture: Searching for primordial GW in the Cosmic Microwave Background
Friday Apr.10 2015
Room:6620   Chairperson:
09:00David ReitzeWorkshop: The Next Detectors for Gravitational Astronomy
11:00Emil SchreiberKeynote lecture: Quantum noise
13:30NoneTour of Beijing
Monday Apr.13 2015
Room:FIT Building, room 1315 Tsinghua University   Chairperson:
09:00Eric LEBIGOTIntroduction
09:05Xilong FANA Bayesian approach to multi-messenger astronomy
09:30Ik Siong HENGMulti-messenger with combined gravitational wave observations
10:30Yu-Qing LOUHypermassive black holes and gravitational wave bursts (30'+5')
11:05Parthapratim PRADHANTidal charged black holes as particle accelerators to arbitrarily high energy
11:30Marek BIESIADAStrong lensing of gravitational waves from double compact binaries mergers
13:45Linqing WENLow latency search for gravitational waves from binary coalescences
14:15Chunnong ZHAOOptomechanical devices for improving the sensitivity of gravitational wave detectors
14:55JU LiParametric instability and control for advanced gravitational wave detectors
15:20Tomasz BULIKConstraining the properties of compact object binaries with the Einstein Telescope
Monday Apr.20 2015
Room:6620   Chairperson:
09:00Jerome Degallaix , Valeriy MitrofanovOptical and acoustic properties of test masses for future GW detectors
14:00Benno Willke, Xuechun LinLasers for future GW detectors
16:00Carlo BaccigalupiGW detection in the CMB
Tuesday Apr.21 2015
Room:6620   Chairperson:
09:00Yanbei ChenTheory of techniques for exceeding the standard quantum limit
14:00Alessio RocchiTechniques for thermal compensation of wavefront distortions in high power interferometers
15:30Stefan Danilishin, Sebastian Steinlechner, Weiguang Cui, Yanbei ChenDiscussion of quantum measurement options for the next GW detectors
Wednesday Apr.22 2015
Room:6620   Chairperson:
09:00Garrett Cole,Shiu ChaoComparison of Crystalline and amorphous mirrors for test masses
14:00Sen Han, Zong-Hong Zhu, David Blair, Chunnong Zhao, Xuechun Lin, Haibo WangDiscussion of a possible road map for international collaboration with China for development of the next GW detectors
Thursday Apr.23 2015
Room:6620   Chairperson:
09:30Han Sen, Rong-Gen Cai, Zong-Hong ZhuDiscussion about the development of ground based GW astronomy in China
10:30Garrett Cole, Shui Chao, Yanbei Chen, Jerome Degallaix, Valeriy MitrofanovFurther discussion of possibilities for test masses and mirror coatings for the next ground based GW detectors
Room:6420   Chairperson:
14:00Hiaxing MiaoKeynote talk + discussion on the next detectors for GWA
Friday Apr.24 2015
Room:6620   Chairperson:
09:00Seiji KawamuraOverview and discussion of the KAGRA cryogenic GW detector
14:00Oliver Jennrich, Runqiu Lau, Xianji Ye, Zebing Zhou, Wei-Tou NiDiscussion of Chinese and European space-based GW detectors
16:30Wei-Tou NiSpace GW detectors, orbit design and time delay interferometry
18:00NDGWA Dinner
Sunday Apr.26 2015
Room:6620   Chairperson:
09:00Jiangrui Gao, Jong Chow, Yanbei ChenFurther discussion of quantum measurement options including frequency dependent squeezing
14:00Chunnong Zhao, Haixing MiaoUse of optomechanical devices for enhancement of GW detectors with emphasis onoptomechanical white light cavities and optical dilution for noise free performance
Monday Apr.27 2015
Room:6620   Chairperson:
09:00Rafaele FlaminioProblems and solutions for cryogenic interferometers
Room:6420   Chairperson:
14:00Zhihui Du, Sukanta Bose, Eric LebigotData analysis issues and low latency searches
Tuesday Apr.28 2015
Room:6620   Chairperson:
09:00Li Ju, Chunnong ZhaoThe problem of parametric instabilityof high optical power interferometers, methods of instability control and harnessing 3-mode interasctions as an interferometer control tool.
14:00Giles HammondMinimisation of suspension noise in laser interferometers
Wednesday Apr.29 2015
Room:6620   Chairperson:
09:00Martin Hendry, Peter Raffaioptimisation of future detector networks
14:00Xilong Fan, Meng Su,+othersMultimessenger astronomy requirements for future gravitational wave astronomy
18:00Informal group dinner
Thursday Apr.30 2015
Room:6620   Chairperson:
09:00Hojung PaikSuppression of Newtonian noise in future GW detectors
14:00Views from whole group: priorities, technologiesGroup close-out discussion: recommendations for the next detectors, and roadmap to the future.